Ever Widening Circles Tour

for Newly Divorced/Separated Women

This is a group tour that is JUST FOR women who are newly divorced or separated.  You’ve had your life thrown into turmoil, and things are not going the way you’d been planning.  But now you are re-discovering your strength. You will get through this, and come out the better for it.  Now is the time to put yourself first, and do something just for you.  For fun; for healing; for re-awakening your sense of joy and wonder.

You’ll get to go on a fabulous adventure:  see beautiful views of the sea, cliffs, and rugged mountains of Ireland’s County Kerry; ride horses across the beach; visit the historic and elegant estates of Muckross House; take a ferry to the gardens of Garinish Island; and learn about the seashore wildlife from a remarkable marine biologist/artist who is also a great storyteller.  Best of all, you’ll do it in the company of other women who are also going through a similar journey, and make new friends.  To get to know each other and acknowledge what brings us to this adventure, we’ll have a Sharing Circle on the first day to tell our stories.  This tour is about moving forward in a positive way, though, so once we have come together over those past experiences, the rest of the week is about fun, self-fulfillment, and empowerment. 


Opening Circle

The first day, we will gather to share our stories.  You can say as much or as little as you want.  This trip isn’t about wallowing in how we were wronged, it’s about finding our power to pick up and make the best of it and find joy in new adventures and experiences.  But this opening circle allows us to recognize that we are among others who understand what we are going through, and have shared some of that experience.


BallyCarbery Castle

You will visit a number of beautiful historic structures, including this magnificent 16th century castle which was partially destroyed by Oliver Cromwell’s cannons when his British forces invaded Ireland. What remained after that day has continued to survive for centuries.

We will also explore the reconstructed ring forts nearby which are even older - originally built around 600AD.



Another highlight will be riding horses on the beach at Derrynane Bay. Whether you’ve always wanted to ride a horse but never had the chance, or are experienced, our equestrian guide will provide the right level of —- for your experience and comfort level. Inspiring views and magnificent animals make for a day to remember!

A falconer will introduce you to a variety of birds of prey, and you will get to fly a hawk and hold an owl.